CITC E-Services

E-Licenses Class (B) E-Licenses Class (B)
Service Level Agreement (SLA)


Based on CITC regulations, those who desire to provide communication and information technology services must obtain a License from CITC. CITC has issued the requirements for providing any type of (B) Class licenses (Issue, Renew, Cancel, and Update license data) upon request by submitting electronically.

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Beneficiary Category

  • Corporations and Companies

How to apply for a license

The submission path



Register to use the Electronic Portal.



Apply for a License.


Fees Payment

License fees invoice shall be issued upon the acceptance of the license application. The applicant must then pay the required fees.


The license will be issued electronically

Once the payment is made, the requested license will be issued electronically.

License Validation

Type (B) Class License Validation

Service Provider Not Available
Commercial Registry Number Not Available
Entity Number Not Available
License Type Not Available
License Status Not Available
License Issue Date Not Available
License Expiry Date Not Available

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